Control of Pests and Diseases

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We can find most pests and diseases in all gardens. These coexist with their parasites and predators in a state of balance, but sometimes there are biological and climatic conditions that favour their proliferation, may cause damage and loss.

ECOJARDIM has the technical and mechanical means to combat fitossanitariamente the most diverse pests and diseases of lawns, ornamental plants and fruit trees.

- Treatment plant control of the pine processionary or Caterpillars;
- Treatment plant palm trees against the beetle (Rinchophorus ferrugineus);
- Treatment plant in lawns, trees and ornamental fruit trees against various diseases and pests, in particular, fungi (decay, mould), caterpillars, lice (aphids), scale insects (comma, cotton, H, Chinese, etc.), Traças (caterpillar - mining, etc..), mollusks (Snails and slugs), thrips, mites and nematodes.